Getting Started

S3 API is an API based on Amazon S3 API designed to work with object storage resources. Using the S3 API you can:

  • view information about the number and volume of containers and objects within an account;
  • create and delete containers;
  • upload, view, copy, move, download, and delete objects in containers;
  • manage segmented loading of objects;
  • manage CORS, etc.

API Access

The S3 API can only be accessed with authorized access.

To access the container via the S3 API, the user must have a role with access to the Object storage. See the Manage access to the Object storage instructions for details.

The URL when using Path-Style addressing (default) can be viewed in the URL list.

If the Virtual Hosted addressing is enabled, you can address the container at <container_name>.<url>.


Authentication in the S3 API is accomplished by signing requests. We support AWS Signature Version 4 and AWS Signature Version 2.

Signature generation will require access keys, which can be obtained when issuing an S3 key to the user:

  • Access Key ID — the value of the Access key field from the S3 key;
  • Secret Access Key — the value of the Secret key field from the S3 key.

You can sign the request using one of the following methods:

The lifetime of a request signature is 15 minutes.