Custom Resources API

Custom Resources API helps manage Selectel Cloud platform resources within a specific project. Custom Resources API is most relevant for companies that provide access to Selectel resources to their clients and want to provide them with access to the API that is limited to the scope of the project assigned to that client.

Custom Resources API of a project can only be used by users who have been granted access to that project, or by an administrator with access to Control panel.

Custom Resources API provides functionality similar to that of the external Control panel:

  • obtain quotas and limits available to the project;
  • obtain SSH keys available to the project user;
  • create licenses (for Windows Server);
  • create public IP addresses, public subnets, and VRRP subnets for a project;
  • see the theme of the external panel interface (logo, color theme);
  • obtain an file for working with the OpenStack CLI within the project.

Custom Resources API does not provide direct access to create cloud servers, disks, networks, and other resources. It only allows you to configure conditions for their creation using OpenStack API or create them if not implemented in OS API.

Unlike the Selectel Cloud Management API, it is not possible to use the Custom Resources API to:

  • create, edit, and delete projects;
  • change the number of resources potentially available to the project, such as cloud servers, disks, networks, and others (project quotas);
  • create, edit, and delete project users.


Keystone tokens (for the project) which are passed in the X-Auth-Token header are used to work with the Custom Resources API.

URL: https://<pool>

Specify <pool>pool.

An example of a typical query to obtain the list of public subnets in the ru-1 pool:

curl -i \
-H 'X-Auth-Token: <keystone_token>' \
-H 'Accept: application/json' \

Specify <keystone_token> — a Keystone token.